Boost Your Workout,
Protect Your Neck


The Neck Buddy™ is a form fitting, compact, workout neck rest designed to ergonomically support and properly align the neck to prevent injury and improve weight lifting efficiency.

Whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast, office worker, frequent traveler or anyone else for that matter, The Neck BuddyTM is the non-invasive solution that you’ve been looking for to support your neck and avoid discomfort.

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Small In Size, Big On Benefits


It is a simple yet innovative support that is placed beneath the neck when performing certain exercises, such as the bench press. The Neck BuddyTM can also be used while stretching and practicing yoga as well as while relaxing to help alleviate neck discomfort.

The Neck BuddyTM’s uniquely crafted design perfectly cradles and helps stretch the neck at just the right angle to remove stress and help align the vertebrae.

The Neck BuddyTM is powered by CELLIANT® infrared technology. CELLIANT® is a natural blend of bioceramic minerals. This technology increases local circulation and improves cellular oxygenation, supporting performance, comfort and faster recovery from physical fatigue in healthy individuals, among other benefits.

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Enhance Your Workout,
Support Your Neck


Working out is a great way to stay healthy and fit. But unintended pressure or excessive strain at the neck area can cause pain or even injury.

Effects are felt through the neck, shoulders, upper back, and extremeties. A neck injury can be debilitating, interfere with concentration, cause depression and anxiety.

That’s why our goal is to make taking care of your health so simple!

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Train Smart, Train Safe


The Neck Buddy™ is the non-invasive solution that you’ve been looking for to support your neck and avoid discomfort

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