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The Neck Buddy is made in the USA. We are committed to using US businesses and US workers as much as possible. The foam forms are made in Corona, CA. The Celliant fabric is made in Hopedell, MA. The finished product is cut & sewn in Long Beach, CA.
Michael K. Butler, B.A.; P.T.A.; CSCS*D; RSCC*D; NMT / Owner & Director Of Sports Performance is the creator of the Neck Buddy. He also is owner of Kinetix Health & Performance Center. Michael holds multiple National certifications of excellence, just recently gained the highest honors in his field as given Emeritus status as a strength coach through the NSCA. He was listed in the top 125 strength coaches in the world to hold this distinction status.
The Neck Buddy comes in one size.
The patent is pending, and we are expecting it to be approved shortly.
The Neck BuddyTM is powered by CELLIANT® infrared technology. CELLIANT® is a natural blend of bioceramic minerals. This technology increases local circulation and improves cellular oxygenation, supporting performance, comfort, and faster recovery from physical fatigue in healthy individuals, among other benefits. Read more about it here The Neck BuddyTM is powered by CELLIANT® infrared technology.
We have a 30-day money back guarantee from the date of delivery to the shipping address.

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