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The Neck Buddy™ is the non-invasive solution that you’ve been looking for to support your neck and avoid discomfort

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Our Story

The Start of NeckBuddy™

Combining unique talents is how THE NECK BUDDY™ was created. Our goal is to assist customers who may or may not be suffering from neck pain obtain the preventative support they need to help alleviate and prevent any, or further neck discomfort.

Michael has a fervent dedication to the healing of others, and a lifetime involvement with physical fitness education and training. In his spare time he is an avid cyclist who uses his favorite pastime to raise funds for charities such as ST. JUDE’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

With the increasing popularity of weight lifting, physical fitness training, and extensive use of technology such as cell phones and computers, our necks are being strained daily. It is time that we give our necks the support they need to prevent, and or help reduce pain. A neck injury is one of the more intolerable body pains anyone can suffer. Effects are felt in the neck, shoulder, back, and extremities.

The Neck Buddy™’s design was spurned by Michael’s passion for helping others. Michael holds a B.A., P.T.A., CSCS*D, RSCC*E, PES, NMT, C.H.E.K. Practitioner, Level III, TPI Fitness Golf Instructor, Level III, and is the owner and director of KINETIX HEALTH & PERFORMANCE CENTER in Palm Desert, CA.

THE NECK BUDDY™’S unique and carefully formatted design powered by CELLIANT is a necessary aid for any person who may or may not be suffering from neck pain or injury and is designed for EVERYONE to enjoy!

Michael K. Butler
President & Creator of THE NECK BUDDY™
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